Plumber Body

The Plumber-style body is named such because plumbers love them, but they are used by a wide variety of contractors and other businesses. Basically the Plumber-style body is a service body with a roof and rear doors for out of the weather storage, and if needed a place to do some work out of the weather. They come in low-roof heights for those who need to access parking garages, and they come in higher-roof options so that most people can stand up straight and not touch the inside of the roof and saving the strain on people’s backs. They also come in different lengths, the most popular being about 10′ and 12′. You can also get 14′ and 16′ if desired.

They are designed to have ultimate storage. All the service body compartments around the outside, and then shelves and many other options available on the inside to suit each customer. They can be mounted on cutaway van chassis, as well as conventional cab models. There are advantages to both types.

This body has become very popular and you will see many variations of them on the road and in your town every day. Various manufacturers call them by their own name, but as a whole they are considered to be Plumber-style bodies.